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#1. PenisMaster(PM Device)
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US $259.95 - Jelqing + PenisMaster + Enlargel(90)
US $149.95 - PenisMaster
US $199.95 -Jelq device + PenisMaster
US $219.95 - PenisMaster+ Enlargel(90)
US $59.95 - Enlargel(30 day)
US $99.95 - Jelq device + Enlargel
US $59.95 - Jelq device

  Package includes:
Jelq device, Enlargel, PenisMaster, Spare parts, 3 Yr. Warranty, Free online forum

PeniMaster is a stretching device spoken absolutely at all penis enlargement forums. There are hundreds of documental facts of penis increase thanks to PeniMaster. This penis enlarger has been approved by doctors and guarantees the result. There are many scientific backgrounds of this device effect that you might read at the official web site. The basis of PeniMaster effect is a complex approach to penis enlargement.

You should combine this enlarger application with penis enlargement techniques and exercises called Jelqing. In itself this technique will not bring such a result as complex application with penis traction device PeniMaster. Also PeniMaster a unique ability to correct penis curvature, to increase erection intensity, sexual drive.

The device provides a complex penis enhancement and it is recommended by doctors all over the world. This penis enlarger application will not entail any risk to your penis health. At the company’s web site you might see a whole big section with clients’ testimonials, press comments, medical researches etc. You should get to know them. We recommend PeniMaster easily.

by James  | 24.05.2010 |

» I decided on PeniMaster because it costs half as much as the others - the others being Proextender, Sizegenetics, or similar that are basically the same and use the noose.

The PeniMaster uses a flat "belt" made out of some kind of sticky rubber.

I ordered penimaster from The service was great. It was delivered from NJ in the USA. I was lucky to have found the URL in this website. I'd never have found it searching in Google.

Anyway, it looks a bit like a model of the Star Trek Enterprise. Going where no dick has gone before

by John  | 19.09.2009 |

»I started doing PE on 1st of January this year.
In the first month I used to wear the PeniMaster 8h per day and added a 1 hour manual stretching and jelqing workout in the evening.
From the middle of february to end of march I only wore the penimaster, i didn't have time for the manual exercises.
during the first 3 weeks of april i wore the PeniMaster for 12h a day and added 2h of manual workouts.
during the last 10 days i only wore the PeniMaster for a few hours and had about 5 off days.
I'll get back to a more intense routine by tomorrow.


14cm NBPEL, 16cm BPEL (6.3 inches)

15cm NBPEL, 17cm BPEL (6.7 inches)

16cm NBPEL, 18cm BPEL (7.1 inches)

17cm NBPEL, 19cm BPEL (7.5 inches)

18cm NBPEL, 20cm BPEL (8 inches)

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