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Product Name: Penisdevelopment “Extends your time to climax – and adds size to your penis”.

Manufactured By:
Health Solutions, LLC
2600 E. Seltice Way, #170
Post Falls, Idaho. 83854

What It Does: Health Solutions claims this is the best enlargement program on the market.

Quote: “Users of the Penisdevelopment program experience tremendous benefits. We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers, guys who keep coming back and telling us how this product has changed their life. Many men come back saying their time to climax has improved dramatically. That’s really impressive!”

When asked what direct benefits can be seen by the average user, here’s what we found.

The average user can expect:

  • Prevents premature ejaculation.
  • PD develops sexual stamina you can see and feel.
  • It promotes increased ejaculation amounts.
  • PD creates explosive sexual power.
  • It helps regain your youthful sexual experiences and energy as you become larger and more sexually satisfied.

Program Properties:

The Penisdevelopment program gives you instant access to several unique exercises designed to prevent premature ejaculation and increase stamina. In addition to the complete program, Penisdevelopment offers several nice bonuses which I really liked.

Bonus #1

With each order they include a Full-Length DVD with all the exercises on it. This DVD is extremely high quality. Each and every exercise is fully illustrated by a male model – so you can visually see how each exercise should be done. Use this DVD when you want to review the exercises in great detail. A $78.00 value, yours FREE. They ship this directly to you free of charge.

Bonus #2

You receive full access to the PD online member’s only forum. This forum has thousands of users and even more posts. Hear firsthand from other users and their success stories. A great way to share experiences and techniques! See for yourself how large some guys are getting using this program.


Guarantee is the first thing I check before buying a product. It helps give me peace of mind when purchasing online. I looked at the guarantee on the Penisdevelopment website before buying and everything seemed in order. Their basically offering 100% money back guarantee if you’re not totally satisfied with the results within 6 months. This is a great offer and shows their program really works.

Quote from their website:

“We so firmly believe that our techniques can improve your life; we stand behind our product with a 100% money back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied after using the program for 6 months, then we'll gladly refund your money!”

Overall Product Score: I really like this product for several reasons. They are honest, straightforward with their claims, have a money back guarantee, and offer bonuses above and beyond the average order. I definitely recommend this product – I give this five out of five stars. It was straightforward on its claims and I think this is a product all men can relate to at one time or another. It’s a nice product to have on hand when you want to impress that special someone. I’ll definitely be using it regularly!

Visit the official Penisdevelopment site now!

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