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Discussion on different pumps are scattered throughout the various posts in the Pumper's Forum. Anything better than the cheapest pumps will come in different sizes, and you want to get the right size.

If you've read through the various posts in this forum, I hope that you have learned by now that you want a pump with a gauge. Metal is generally more durable than plastic.

There's more to selecting a pump than just the pump, of course. There are choices in cylinders as well. There are regular and thickwall; cylinders with a flared base and cylinders with base that is not flared. Some cylinders are tapered, and some are not.

So many choices! How do you make the right one?                     LAPDIST PUMP

There are different Penis Pumps people talk about:

#1 Lapdist (
Deluxe Package $139.95)
#2 Magnus Stretching device
#3 Dr. Joel Penis Pump System


 Lapdist pump is without a doubt the best for making successful gains in both girth and length.

 Kaplan cylinders are tapered while Lapdist cylinders are true straight wall cylinders. If you have a tapered cock, then the Kaplan should fit fine, but if you have constant girth or a head that is larger than the shaft, then Lapdist is the way to go.

 I have been using a Dr. Joels  pump from the beginning, bought it at a sex shop for about $134 ( I actually think I got it for free and told the story here but forgot about it). You can pay more but I have been very pleased with my purchase and its been at least two years. I have spent a lot of money on PE stuff over the years and don't hesitate to spend money and I think I got a decent pump setup at a very reasonable price.

Make sure you get the right cylinder size: Selecting Your Cylinder Size.

Tapered versus straightsided and regular versus thickwall are more a matter of personal preference.

Personally, I like Dr. Joel Kaplan pump (but you can choose Lapdist).

The good news is, you can vicariously gain good judgment by learning from the bad judgment and experience of others.

Invest in a good pump (the Kaplan pump is a good one), and a good cylinder, but realize that even if all works out perfectly, this may not be your last cylinder. You may learn things through gaining experience with pumping that will lead you to a different choice in your next cylinder. Buy a flared base cylinder, and you may decide to buy a thickwall non-flared based for your next cylinder (or vice versa).

A good number of pumpers use more than one cylinder anyway in different sizes at different times for different reasons. The important thing is, do your best to get the right cylinder size to start with, and start getting some experience of your own. Click here to buy Kaplan's pump .


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