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Penis Enlargement Exercises

Ancient records tell us that exercises were used as a means of penis enlargement still thousands of years ago. However, only recently serious medical studies and clinical trials proved that penis exercises could, indeed, increase penis length and girth. Moreover, the same studies found out that the increase in penis size is not the only benefit of penis exercises.

Some of the benefits of these exercises (also called “male enhancement exercises”) are increasing your ability to maintain harder and longer erections (making you able to last longer in bed), increasing the amount of semen you produce when ejaculate, improving your overall sexual control and performance, and, of course, making your penis larger. All of these effects can greatly improve your life: just imagine how confident you would be if you knew that your penis is longer than average and your can last enough time in bed to make your partner happy. This is possible to achieve, if you follow to the penis exercise program.

How do penis exercises work? The specific mechanism depends on the exercise in question, but basically what makes exercises effective is the ability of our organisms to adapt to environment. For example, when a bodybuilder lifts weights, his or her body tries to adapt to the weights growing stronger muscles.

The following is an explanation how different penis exercises work:


Jelqing is probably the most ancient male enhancement technique (it was used by nomadic Arabian tribes.) It involves movements similar to "milking" your penis to increase the amount of blood, which fills Corpora Covernosa (the part of your penis that is filled with blood and enlarges during erections), thus making your penis visibly larger. The important fact is that jelqing, if performed regularly, can permanently increase the size of Corpora Covernosa, and, thus, your penis size (both length and girth).

Penis Stretching

There are several types of penis stretching exercises, but their basic principle is the same: stretching the tissues of your penis. Stretching makes the cells composing your penis grow, increasing the length and girth (lesser effect) of your penis.

Kegel Exercises

These exercises are not targeted at the penis itself, but rather at the pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle), which is used to delay erections. Thus, if you train this muscle, you will be able to prolong your erections. We recommend you to use PenisHealth techniques and video tutorial to enlarge your penis without pain or side effects.

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